2020 Mister FPGA SDRAM Boards

32MB SDRAM Module XS v2.2 Assembled & Tested

AUD$35 including Standard Australia Postage

128MB SDRAM Module XS-D v2.4 Assembled & Tested

AUD$100 including Standard Australia Postage

CAMinventions V1 Case 3D printed
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Price includes Australia Parcel Postage

Include Fan

Upgrade for Australian Express Post (Overnight - 2day with Tracking) $10

Upgrade for International AirMail Post $10

Order your MisterFPGA Memory Modules here…                                                                                                                     

If you’re interested in the Mister FPGA project, you’ll know that in addition to the Terasic DE-10 Nano FPGA Evaluation Board, you’ll need an SDRAM Module to enable use of most of the cores.

I originally set up an offer on Overclockers Australia (OCAU) recently, and have set up this site to enable people to get detailed information, and place orders via PayPal.

The OCAU forum page can be found at https://forums.overclockers.com.au/threads/mister-fpga-computer-console-arcade-hardware-simulation.1253887

Detailed Information

  • All boards will be built, tested and properly packed and sent by AusPost bubble wrap envelope anywhere in Australia
  • I will send you photo proof that the board passes memtest, but if you have problems with I can help troubleshoot (except for your failure to observe ESD precautions)
  • I will stage the orders in batches, so appreciate your patience with lead & delivery times.