Isolation Pro-DIY Racing/Sim Cockpit Project

I’ve watched too many iRacing/F1 2019 YouTube videos and am going to stop procrastinating. It’s time to use my available machinery to build something fun.

>> a Simucube style Direct Drive steering wheel, pedals, gear shift/handbrake
>> or my Thrustmaster Warthog/Virpil/Saitek pedals
>> I use VR for sims so no need to fashion monitor mounts but could design.

To fund the build, I will be offering the CNC cut mounting panels for sale:

>> Simucube (and if demand, Fanatec) CNC cut motor mounts
>> Gear-shift, Pedals, Thrustmaster Stick/Throttle, Handbrake and Keyboard/Accessory mounts
>> Simple seat mounts with angle adjustment
>> Cup-holders

Fabrication notes:
>> RHS steel tube with weld-on CNC plates for rigidity & strength, and to enable assembly, adjustment
>> CNC cut mounting for all accessories (compatible with 40 series t-slot for maximum portability)

Modelling Pedal Deflection.. 100kg of Brake Pedal force only deflects the plate by 0.3mm. Good enough with 3mm Steel !
100Nm of Torque hardly causes any deflection with 3mm Steel

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